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Wellness & Creativity
A Creative Approach to Living with Cancer

Hirsch Wellness Network is a caring community where those facing the overwhelming impact of a cancer diagnosis can find emotional support, strength, inspiration and renewal by participating in creative and expressive arts programs.


Since 2008, Hirsch Wellness has collaborated with local artists and wellness providers to create programs that offer a path to healing for cancer patients in treatment, survivors, caregivers and family members. At Hirsch Wellness, participants are encouraged to see life beyond their illness, to foster hope and inner healing as they explore the nurturing power within self-expression in a safe and encouraging cancer support community.

Our non-clinical approach to wellness during and after cancer is designed to help each person regain confidence — both emotionally and physically — through creative group activities where shared experience connects individuals in a positive and profound way.

All Hirsch Wellness programs are free of charge to participants, providing a pathway to creative enrichment and self-discovery without the financial hurdles imposed by for-profit programs.

Hirsch Wellness Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We gladly accept donations in any amount.

creative living with cancer

Value of creativity

“I have learned that
a group involved in a creative activity is far more helpful than one that just talks about loss
and fears.”

— A Caregiver

In the moment

“Hirsch Wellness provides a joyful ‘present-time’ art experience offering a chance to share deep feelings related to my cancer experience.”

— A Cancer Survivor

A place to be fearless

“This workshop has allowed me to learn to let go. I didn’t think I was artistic or creative, but I was surprised with my results! This is a safe environment to express yourself. I don’t have to be afraid of my cancer or ashamed of my feelings.”

— A Cancer Survivor

A cool place to hang out
A creative space for healing
Come See Us at the Hirsch Center

Hirsch Wellness is proud to be part of the vibrant new arts community at Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC.

hff-16001-hirsch-center-orange-w-tagThe Hirsch Center for Wellness & Creativity is located in the beautifully restored Revolution Mill 1250 building, the former home of Cone Denim. Light-filled and airy with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and original wooden floors, our classroom’s open floor plan inspires artistic energy.

The Hirsch Center hosts a full schedule of Healing Arts activities with monthly programs including painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, jewelry making, fiber arts, container gardening & horticulture therapies, creative writing and more.

Our off-site partners include Triad Yoga Institute, where participants can enjoy weekly day classes designed for cancer patients and survivors, along with a monthly evening session geared toward mindfulness and meditation.

The Hirsch Center is growing, and you can grow along with us. From initial diagnosis through treatment and beyond, we’re here for you.

Our Classes

Hirsch Wellness programs are FREE for

Cancer Patients in Treatment, Survivors & Caregivers

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Events for April 2020

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Canceled-Taiji-Qigong with Bill Savage




ARTISTS AT HOME – Online Conversation with Hirsch Instructor Mavis Liggett

Cancelled Drumming Circle with Betsy Bevin


Cancelled Therapeutic Aquatics at Club Fitness


OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – The Art of Crocheting with Vanessa McCormick

OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Taiji-Qigong with Bill Savage




OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – Open Studio at Home with Nona Pryor


ARTISTS AT HOME – Online Conversation with Hirsch Instructor Bob Nordbruch


Cancelled Therapeutic Aquatics at Club Fitness


Cancelled Dreamcatchers

OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Taiji-Qigong with Bill Savage




OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – Writing to Heal with Molly Haile


OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Being in Nature with Catherine Crowder #1 in Series

OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE-Yoga to Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Terry Brown


OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – Open Studio Painting and Pastels with Mavis Liggett


Cancelled Therapeutic Aquatics at Club Fitness


OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – Sketching with a Brush with Bob Nordbruch

OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Taiji-Qigong with Bill Savage




OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – Open Studio with Bob Nordbruch


OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Being in Nature with Catherine Crowder #2 in Series


Cancelled Therapeutic Aquatics at Club Fitness


OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Taiji-Qigong with Bill Savage




OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE- Being in Nature with Catherine Crowder #3 in Series

OPEN REGISTRATION ONLINE – Hirsch Book Club with Molly Haile


Therapeutic Aquatics at Club Fitness

+ Export Events

Our Instructors

Mary Beth Boone


Mary Beth Boone is a book artist and letterpress printer living in Greensboro. She began making books over twenty years ago and in 2012 was inspired to purchase a Vandercook SP 15 letterpress. She prints under the imprint Purple Pumpkin Press. Mary Beth holds a MFA from the University of SC, Columbia. On the importance of art and her work with Hirsch, Mary Beth says, “Creativity is vital to my day-to-day existence. It just makes sense to support an organization dedicated to promoting healing through creativity.”

Catherine Crowder

Horticultural Therapist

Catherine Crowder defines her work as connecting people and plants. Gardening has long been recognized as a form of therapy, and in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society time is not spent out-of-doors in a mindful, purposeful manner. In horticultural therapy, gardening and nature-based activities are used in a goal-oriented, structured approach to improve participants’ health and wellbeing. Catherine completed a 500-hour internship with Hospice of Greensboro, and in 2015 achieved the professional credential of “HTR” (Horticultural Therapist) registered by the American Horticultural Therapy Association. She says, “Feeling the sun on my face and digging in the soil is my happy place. For many years it was my therapy, an escape from a corporate job.  Now, my hope is to share the healing aspects of nature with individuals facing health issues or general life struggles.”

Elaine Heinl

Artist & Ceramicist

Elaine Heinl has had many and varied art experiences in her life, and enjoys sharing her love for creating with others. Currently she works out of her private studio, specializing in oil painting, hand-built pottery, and paper crafts. She has worked with Marvel Comics in New York City and was also a designer in Osaka, Japan. Elaine loves to teach and provide art experiences to all ages and skills. She has worked with Healing Arts at the Cancer Care Center since 2012, and is very happy to join with Hirsch Wellness Center where she feels blessed to meet so many wonderful people.

Jacqui Mehring


Jacqui Mehring is a Scotland-born fiber artist and garden designer. Jacqui came to NC State University as a teaching assistant for the Textile College and stayed on to work as a textile designer, then as a horticultural therapist and landscape designer. She has taught classes at John C. Campbell Folk School, in art centers, in the Health Care System and Hospice. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach tapestry weaving with Hirsch Wellness and her favorite part of teaching is to see the students’ tapestries!

Terry Brown

Yoga Instructor

Terry Brown, co-owner and co-director of the Triad Yoga Institute in Greensboro, NC, has been a student of yoga and meditation since 1984. His own experience with back pain led him to yoga and then to the profession of Physical Therapy; he is also a certified Yoga Therapist, certified Purna Yoga Instructor at the 2000 Hour Level, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, a Level II iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher-in-Training, and a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. Terry believes the movement of the asanas (physical postures) combined with breathe, meditation, and positive feelings, can enhance the connection of the energetic and physical bodies, thereby enriching the healing effects of yoga. He enjoys seeing his students learn and grow from the yoga practices that help us rediscover the inner light of Love. Learn more about the Triad Yoga Institute by visiting

Dena Goldman

Jewelry Artist

After working in marketing research for many years, Dena Goldman had an opportunity to explore her creative side while being home with her children.  On this journey, she found a love for creating fun, soulful and inspiring jewelry using metal.  Dena says, “I enjoy working with different metals and I want my jewelry to have a well-loved rustic feel. I love being a part of Hirsch. It gives me an opportunity to connect with amazing people and to provide joyful therapy with my art.”

Bonnie Hitchcock

Bonnie Mcleod Hitchcock

Ceramic Artist

Bonnie Mcleod Hitchcock is a ceramic artist living in Greensboro, NC. She studied at UNC-Greensboro for many years while raising her three sons. The Clay Bakery is an art school she created in her home studio in 2000. Bonnie’s interest in the ceramic field is extensive and she has travelled all over the world to deepen her knowledge and grow her craft. She attended many workshops at Penland School of Crafts, Curaumilla Art Center in Chile, and La Meridiana ceramics school in Italy. She is a glaze formulation expert who fires her work using a high temperature gas reduction kiln. With her wide degree of experience, A patient and sensitive instructor, Bonnie encourages her students to enjoy the freedom to create and experiment with the many facets of the ceramic process. The healing aspect of creativity is of high importance to her personally. Bonnie says, “My art is my work and my life. I feel incredibly gratefull to have the opportunity to share the inherent therapeutic effect of working in clay with people from all walks of life.” Visit her online at

Bob Nordbruch


For Bob Nordbruch, painting is a momentary visual state of mind captured on canvas. His thoughts are fleeting, so what the viewer sees only preserves impressions from a forever-changing inner landscape of mental images originating in “Bob’s World”. With a brief period of training in the visual arts, five years of teaching art, and a lifetime of observing, Bob finds great satisfaction and pleasure in pursuing his personal vision. He continues to grow as an artist, actively engaging with the shifting elements of his imagination to form creative connections that, like spirituality, bring him back again and again to inspiration and self-renewal.

Jack Stratton


Since receiving his BFA in Painting at UNC-Greensboro in 1977, artist Jack Stratton has been making and showing his colorful expressionist paintings for nearly 40 years, both locally and nationally. After working for 10 years as a bookbinder at UNC-G’s Jackson Library and another 20 years as chief art handler and preparator for the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Jack retired and settled into a routine of painting balanced with part-time employment. Currently, he teaches drawing and watercolor classes at Art Alliance Greensboro, a city-sponsored arts organization, and also freelancing as art handler, exhibition installer, lighting/gallery consultant, and curator.

Victoria Clegg

Victoria Clegg

Fibre Artist & Felt Maker

A Greensboro Native, Victoria Clegg is a perfect example of someone who fell in love with felt making and then studied and taught herself everything she could about the medium. Victoria began to felt in 2002 and has been diligent in continuing to study the craft independently, as well as pursuing professional instruction by some of the finest felt makers in the world. Victoria is drawn to the simple organic process of wool, water, soap and elbow-grease. When not creating, Victoria enjoys teaching and sharing ideas.

Molly Haile


Molly Haile is an MFA Graduate of UNC-Greensboro’s Creative Writing Program. She is a passionate storyteller and has been inspiring Hirsch Wellness participants with a regular “Writing to Heal” workshop. Molly teaches as an adjunct professor of Creative Writing at Salem College in Winston Salem, NC. One of her favorite quotes is by the author Flannery O’Connor,“I write to discover what I know”.

Mavis Liggett


Mavis Liggett had already worked a number of years in the field of creative arts when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years into her treatment, she was given the opportunity to paint full-time after being laid off from a decade-long career as an art director. Opening a painting studio in downtown Greensboro, Mavis discovered that when she was painting, she felt free and completely in the moment, with no regrets for the past or fears of the future. In 2006 she began teaching drawing and painting for Art Alliance Greensboro and, more recently, workshops for Hirsch Wellness Network. As a cancer survivor, Mavis credits the time she spent painting during her recovery as a major contribution to her continued survival. In addition to teaching, she is also the sole proprietor of Nuclear Catfish, her own fine art, design and marketing business.

Leanne Pizio


Ceramicist Leanne Pizio graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Art and a BA in Psychology. In 1995 she attended UNC-Greensboro, where she received an MFA. Pursuing her love of clay after graduation, Leanne worked numerous jobs to support her art, and is now happy to be able to create pottery at home full-time in her studio. Her pieces feature sgraffito, a technique that involves coating pottery and scratching off areas on the surface to reveal the color of the material underneath. Leanne’s intricate designs typically feature whimsical animals and storybook characters, and leaves no surface unadorned. She participates in many exhibitions in the Greensboro area, but also travels twice a year to California for shows in the spring and fall. Learn more about Leanne’s work by visiting


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