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The Artists Who Support Our Cause

Over 100 area artists have donated their work to the Art Lives Here Silent Auction. We’re deeply grateful for their amazing contributions. Art YOU can have in your home!

2023 Art Lives Here Donating Artists

Jeanne Aaroe•Ashante Abernathy•Sharon Adams•Pam Aikens•Susanne Baker•Thea Barbato•Christina Becher•Betsy Bevan•Catherine Billingsley•Melissa Blackburn•Janet Bledsoe•Richard Bloch•Dot Blue•Patsy Bohlen•Mary Beth Boone•Nancy Greever Brooks•Brownlee Bryant•Gregory Bryant•Keith Buckner•Nancy Bulluck•Michael Kim Burroughs•Douglas Cason•Vito Ciccone•Carol Clay and Mac Chambers•Sara Cogswell•Andrena Stoddard Coleman•JP Cory•AJ Coutu•Margaret Dick•Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet•Jean Dore•Emily Edwards•Linda Smith Fields•Gary Fischer•Nicholas FragolaDeb Frederick•Golda Fried•Jennifer Frion•Janet Furler•Naomi Galbreath•Kathryn Gauldin•Natalie George•Charles Guyn•Marielle Hoffman•Hopp HopperBetsey Horth•Nancy Hull•Dalene J-Lowery•Jeanne Johnston•Roo Katz•Clara Palmer Kelly•Sigrid Kenny•Doug Key•Lori Key•Yvonne Kimbrough•Julie Knight•Setsuya KotaniBeth Latture•Mavis Liggett•Molly Lithgo•Karen LittleJudy Lomax•Gail Lott•Jan Lukens•Deb MacKenzie•Alex McKenzie•Jacqueline Mehring•Judy Meyler•Carol Moates•Renee MolkoTerry Moore-Painter•Don Morgan•Warren Moses•Diane Murray•Jean Muson•David Mustain•Bob Nordbruch•Roy Nydorf•Susan O’Leary•Michelle Owens•Bob Penley•Peggy Petrocy•Kathy Phillips•Leanne Pizio•Agnes Preston-Brame•Donnie Reynolds•Susan Ridenour•Michele Rieder•Jim Rientjes•Rob Riggs•Lyn Rollins•Ron Royals•Kevin Rutan•Audrey Sage•LaTriese (Jamil) Sanders-Sobukwe•Bill Savage•Beatrice Schall•Meredith Scott•Nancy Seay•Phyllis Sharpe•Helen Shaw•Lisa Skeen•Jo Ann Smith•Timothy Smith•Tammy Spear•Sharon Spray•Cheryl Stewart•Jack Stone•Mary Stowe•Jack Stratton•Will Tankersley•Carol Thompson•Jim Thompson•Clay Thornton•Kara Thornton•Rosser Tilley• Kathryn Beam Troxler•Deborah Ussery•Lisa Ussery•Beverly Vaughn•Robert Wagner•Earline Wallace•Adele Wayman•Jeff Wayman•Sheila Wenzel•Sallie White•Anne Wilkinson•Lisa Woods•Genia Yusim• 


Art Lives Here 2023 Sponsors

All of us at Hirsch Wellness express our deepest gratitude to our 2023 Art Lives Here Sponsors!


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Historic Revolution Mill • Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging • The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging

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Sally Cone – In memory of Bob Cone

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Anonymous – In honor of Louise Grape • Anonymous – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Lisa and Roby Blair – In memory of Jane Blair • Kathy Cross and Cooper Brantley • Frank and Nancy Brenner – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Jeb and Molly Burns • Betsy and Watts Carr – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • CONE HEALTH • Donald Cunningham • Sandy Doughty – In memory of Jeffrey Alan Doughty • Janice Burke and Neil Goldstein • Anne McElwee Herschler • Hopp and Karen Hopper – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • KOURY CORPORATION • LANCASTER • Don and Mary Hart Orr – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • David and Ann Raper • Jim and Melinda Rucker • Clay and Amy Thornton – In memory of Weldon E. Thornton •Twilley Family Foundation • WELLSPRING

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Anonymous – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Joyce Black • Charlie and Lois Brummitt • Dr. Valerie Fields • Mark and Kellie Gallerani • Lynn and David Gibbs • Louise Grape and Scott Manring – In honor of Jan and Randy Jordan • Judith Kastner – In memory of Robert Earl Logan, III • Art and Jean Kriner • Debbie and Tom MacKenzie • Gary and Cynthia Park – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Jo Ann and Bill Payne – In honor of Louise Grape • Katherine and Mike Weaver • Len and Judy White • Caterri and Jeff Woodrum – In memory of James L. Miller

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Anonymous • Bobby Doolittle and Kathy Adams • Ann and Tripp Adams – In honor of Nancy Quinn • Debby and Jimmy Adams • Jim Exum and Porter Aichele – In memory of Fritz Janschka • Margaret and Howard Arbuckle – In memory of Betty Harper Arbuckle • Adair Armfield • Sid and Cathy Batts – In memory of Doris Jean Armstrong • Mary and Jeff Beach • John and Judy Blake – In memory of Elsie Panther • Linda and Gerry Chapman – In honor of Sue Walsh • Jim and Becky Compton • Vicki Conner • Janie and Jim Crouch • Leslie Daisy • Bert and Debbie Fields • Jane and David Girardi • Skip Hislop • Richard and Beth Holland • David and Betsey Horth • Mary and Chuck Jones – In memory of Sarah S. Gorrell • Clara and Pat Kelly – In honor of Louise Grape • Randy and Jan Jordan • Gayle Lackey – In honor of L.C. (Sonny) Lackey • Joe LeBauer • Sam and Joan LeBauer – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Richard and Jane Levy – In memory of Bob Cone • Tim and Carole May • Donna Moran • Susan and Ted Oliver – In honor of Betsey Horth • Dorothy and Robert Peters • Jane Peterson • Nona Pryor • Teresa Rasco and Bob Beerman • Tiffany Reed • Beatrice Schall – In memory of Stewart Schall • Bill and Sue Smith – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Lynn and Mark Smith • Ashley Staton Scott – In memory of Deb Staton • Taylor and Sara Stroud • TRIAD YOGA INSTITUTE • Lisa and Randy Underwood • Todd and Melissa Vogelsinger – In honor of Louise Grape • Bobetta M. Waynick

Healing Arts Sponsors:

Anonymous • Mary John Baxley • David and Suejette • Brown Sally and John Cohen – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Andrena S. Coleman • Pete and Sandra Ennever • Prunella Griffin • Candie and Mike Hurley • Ken and Virginia Karb – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Julie and Lee King • Eric and Patricia Lilly – In honor of Dr. and Mrs. William Hopper • Caroline Maness • John and Geri McComb – In honor of Mr. Chip Hasty • Dalton and Beth McLean • Dean and Christie Mitchell • Nancy and Mac Moore • Jim and Laurie Morris • Phil and Frannie Motley – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Steve and Bettie Olsen • Sandee and David Pearce • Gordon and Nancy Peterson • Mark and Judy Roy • Rob and Cindy Slater • Mary and Bill Thacker • Martha and Harrison Turner – In honor of Jane and Randy Jackson • Cindy Walton

Hirsch Wellness Cancer Support Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to serving the emotional needs of individuals touched by a cancer diagnosis. Our commitment to putting “ART at the HeART of Healing” provides essential healing arts and wellness programs that celebrate self-expression as a means of cultivating strength, renewing the spirit and fostering hope.

If you are interested in becoming a Silent Auction Sponsor, volunteering with us, or you have other questions, please contact Clay Thornton at  for more info.

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