We’re proud to be part of the Centers of Excellence feature in the Triad Business Journal. Reporter John Joyce joined us at the Hirsch Center to see one of our classes in progress and get the story on our on-sight work with Cone Health and Annie Penn Hospital.
A big shout out to Dr. Hopp Hopper, our board member and Laure Somers at Cone Health for contributing to the story.

From the Business Journal article:

With Hirsch Wellness the focus is not on this horrific, too often dehumanizing disease and its treatment, but on the uniqueness of each individual and a celebration of that life through the creative arts. – Dr. William “Hopp” Hopper

The healing arts classes are getting good feedback. John used some of Lauren’s statistics of patient surveys, citing Hirsch participants’ responses to our programs:
74% felt relaxed
66% felt less stressed
53% felt happier

Thanks to the Business Journal for helping us tell the story.