Participant Art

Hirsch Center Exhibitions Featuring Class Participant Works

A Selection of Mixed Media Works by Hirsch Wellness Network’s
Cone Health Cancer Center ‘Healing Arts’ Table Participants

“Creative Collaborations”

Currently on exhibition at:

Hirsch Center Gallery

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 130, Lower Level 


Building on a Culture of Well-being

The Arts in Medicine provide therapeutic benefits that aid patients and their families in the physical and emotional recovery through cancer treatment and beyond into survivorship. Self-expressive group activities in the Cancer Center Lobby at the Healing Arts Table offer participants interaction and bonding, while Art Cart activities in the infusion center bring patients one-on-one arts experiences and companionship — both present opportunities for rebuilding a sense of personal strength, relieving anxiety, reducing stress, and providing care to enhance healing potential for the whole person.

Please stop by the Gallery wall located outside the Hirsch Center classroom to see this and other Hirsch participant works.


Cath Portrait

“Filigree (Paper Quilling)”

“Paper Box Constructions”

“Paper Box Constructions”

“Textile Weaving”

Cath Pearls

“Dot Painting”

“Paper Box Constructions”

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