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Hirsch Center Exhibitions Featuring Class Participant Works


Watercolor Works on Paper by Matilda Kirby-Smith

“Inspired by Nature”

Currently on exhibition at:

Hirsch Center Gallery

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 130, Lower Level


“I took up watercolor painting after many years of teaching graphic design at GTCC. Much of what I like about working in watercolor is that it is nearly the opposite of the computer-dominated design that currently prevails in the graphic arts. I like using my hands to turn paper, color and water into a unique design. I like calling on my training and practice in drawing and architectural design as I compose and lay out my pictures. I am most content spending as much time as possible outdoors. I paint what interests me when I walk, drive country roads, or visit natural areas and gardens. What interests me depends on the seasons, the light, the terrain, and the color, shape and texture of what happens to be nearby — foliage, rocks and stones, moving water, etc. I like my paintings to suggest stories that could be told, often through signs of human presence or departure — a farmhouse or lighthouse that may or may not be occupied, an old path or roadway that may be used or not.

My connection to the Hirsch Wellness Network was established before my own cancer diagnosis and treatment, through my donations of artwork to the annual “Art Lives Here” celebration and auction, and continues in that way. The kindness and courage of Louise and the other Hirsch artists and volunteers comfort, support and inspire me in my own ongoing recovery. I know where I have friends when I need them.”

Matilda Kirby-Smith, 2018

Please visit the Gallery, located on the wall just outside the Hirsch Center classroom to see these and other works by the artist.

“House in the Wood”

“Lighthouse at Byron Bay, Australia”

“Kalamazoo River, Saugatuck, MI”

“Palm Tree with Sedum”

“Pathway through the Woods”

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