Participant Art

Hirsch Center Exhibitions Featuring Class Participant Works

Abstract Expressionist Works by Crystal Owens

“Totems: Meaning Revealed”


Exhibition Reception
Saturday, April 21, 2018
6-8 pm
Hirsch Center Gallery

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio #130, Lower Level


“I am an artist who realized many years ago that I have a responsibility to contribute, engage, confront and challenge.  I am also a cancer survivor and person living with cancer.  As an artist who, thankfully, does not have to rely solely on words,  I have developed my own visual language. My interpretation of Abstract Expressionism is stylistically the armature of my work. This has afforded me the freedom to create works that are biographical and, in most instances, psychologically intense. I enjoy a stream-of-consciousness process that allows me to divulge my raw, unfiltered emotions in an ambiguous manner. Specifically, thinking in terms of texture, movement and balance inform my work. Also, the subtle intricacies of being human are inherent to my process.

Cancer does not care who you are and what you want out of life. My first close experience with it occurred in 2012 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Eight months later, I received the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. It was not a diagnosis I had anticipated.  Life and my perspective of living have been altered.

It is an incredible privilege and opportunity to create and share my work. The overwhelming gratitude I feel for my family, friends, medical care professionals and community organizations like Hirsch Wellness Network — and specifically Louise Grape — is so incredibly immense, mere words seem inadequate to express.”

Crystal Owens, 2018

Visit the Gallery Wall just outside the Hirsch Center classroom, where these works are currently on exhibition.

“Broken Heart”

“Which Way Do We Go?”

“Why Didn’t I Know”

“Cascade Totem”

“When I Was a Kid,
I Made Bows and Arrows”

“The Time They Had is What We Wear”

“Natural State of Not Living”

“Aviary Assemblage Sprouting”

“Chorus of Cackles”

“Yakety Yak, Don’t Talk Back”

“Pause for Laughter”

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