Hope & Healings Begins with You

An invitation from the Hirsch Center

Make Hirsch a part of your giving plan

Building on the belief that it feels good to give back, Hirsch Wellness is asking you to consider our cause with your end-of-year contribution.

Hirsch Wellness is the Cancer Support Community for the Piedmont of North Carolina, and your donation helps to ensure that our friends and family members facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis can continue to attend Hirsch Wellness Healing Arts Programs free-of-charge to receive emotional support, and benefit year-round from creative arts and wellness workshops that bring hope and healing through the cancer journey and beyond.

Passion and Commitment

Discover what makes us special
For 12 years, Hirsch Wellness has been a safe haven for thousands of individuals attending our programs, a respite from worry in a caring community, where creative growth opportunities celebrate life. Each month, cancer patients in treatment, survivors and caregivers can benefit from these no cost workshops facilitated by local artists and wellness practitioners.

Value of creativity

“I have learned that a group involved in a creative activity is far more helpful than one that just talks about loss and fears.”

—A Caregiver

In the moment

“Hirsch Wellness provides a joyful ‘present-time’ art experience offering
a chance to share deep feelings
related to my cancer experience.”

—A Cancer Survivor

A place to be fearless

“This workshop has allowed me to learn to let go. I didn’t think I was artistic or creative, but I was surprised with my results!  This is a safe environment to express yourself. I don’t have to be afraid of my cancer or ashamed
of my feelings.”

—A Cancer Survivor

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