Support Hirsch with your purchase of HOME Project Honor Cards!

Support Hirsch with your purchase of Home Project Honor Cards!

Your Gift becomes a message of Hope and Healing!

You can support Hirsch by purchasing our limited edition HOME PROJECT Honor Cards as gifts in honor of your friends and family during the holidays. Each card is a donation valued at $25 and all net proceeds go to support Hirsch Wellness Healing Arts and Cancer Support programs. 

Cards are available in packs of:
4 for $100  •  8  for $200  •  12 for $300

*Please include your mailing address at the Online checkout for cards to be mailed to you.  Contact us at 336-209-0259 to pick up your cards at Hirsch Wellness, located at 1250 Revolution Mill Drive Studio 130, Greensboro NC 27405.

About the Hirsch HOME Project

The HOME Project is a remarkable Healing Arts expression by Hirsch Participants, sharing their thoughts and feelings as people of heightened health risk during the global pandemic.  

These small houses were created by cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and medical providers at their homes. Each person received a package from Hirsch Wellness through the mail that included a paper house template to cut-out and decorate with their own art supplies, and return to Hirsch in a box stamped with pre-paid postage.

The result was more than 40 HOMES with each individuals words sharing compelling stories of hope, gratitude and resilience.

To learn more about this project, watch the video!