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The Hirsch Center for Creativity & Wellness at Revolution Mill
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In the winter of 2016, we made an exciting move to Revolution Mill, a mixed-use community established in an amazingly restored textile mill with a rich history in Greensboro. It’s the kind of place you might expect to enjoy art, and the Hirsch Center for Wellness & Creativity is nestled in the thriving heart of the complex’s arts initiative.

With ample free parking and attractions that include a growing list of eateries, businesses, artist studios, entertainment venues and other features, you can enjoy a Hirsch class and then take some time to wander and explore one of Greensboro’s most innovative and unique neighborhoods.hirsch-center-revolution-mill-logo

At Hirsch Center you can tap into your creative side, make new friends, listen, share, and have your voice be heard. We are an active and growing community space that’s missing only one thing:  YOU.

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1250 Revolution Mill, Suite 130
Greensboro, NC 27405

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1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Suite 130 Greensboro NC 27405

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